2021 Team Expectations 

Being a member of the La Costa Canyon High School cross country team is a privilege, follow in the footsteps of those who have come before.............

2021 Maverick Cross Country

Head Coach Bill Vice 

Varsity Assistant Coach: 

Head JV Coach: 

Assistant Coach: 

XC Philosophy


1. Develop competitive, well-trained runners that compete to the best of their    abilities. 

2. Encourage runners to become exercisers for life. 

3. Give runners an opportunity to make new friends.

Coaches Expectations 

All team members will be expected to represent themselves, their families, their high school, and their team in a proud and positive manner while attempting to do the very best that they are capable of doing.


All runners must register for xcstats. Registration is free. This allows you to be included in all team email updates, access to running logs and most importantly attendance. Register at xcstats.com. Our team code is lccxc! Do not forget the !

Synchronize Your Watches

Practices will begin exactly at 3:05 pm and end at approximately 5:05 pm (for JV)on school days. Varsity practices will end approximately 5:45 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You will be allowed to leave practice after all core, drill and stretching exercises have been complete, not before. If you have work obligations or other obligations (soccer) that are before 5:05 then unfortunately participating this year will not be mutually beneficial for you or your teammates. Please enter all known absences through xcstats.com

No Come……No Run (absences, important!) 

Attendance will be monitored and recorded daily through xcstats.com with an understanding that there is a strong correlation between practice, performance, and minimizing risk of injury. Team members are expected to be at practice each day. If you have an unexcused absence you may not be allowed to run in the next meet. After 4 unexcused absences you will be asked to leave the team. All absences will be entered through xcstats.com. The coaches will then mark whether your absence is excused or unexcused. Entereing your absence through xcstats does not mean that it is excused! If you do not enter your absence through xcstast it will be considered unexcused with the exception of a true emergency. (Death, relatives death, severe illness, relative severe illness, you get the picture)

You may be INELIGIBLE to compete in a race following an unexcused absence. If you miss a meet for another sport this will constitute 2 unexcused absences. This does not apply to freshman. 

3 Ways NOT to inform Coach that you will be missing practice. All of these will be considered UNEXCUSED. 

1. Have a friend or teammate tell him, this is a huge NO, NO, unless it is a TRUE emergency. 

2.  Tell him right before practice, unless it is an EMERGENCY

 3. Tell him the next day.

Unexcused absences include (but are not limited to) : 

(Keeping in mind that you chose to be a part of this team.)

I have a soccer game (freshmen read below), triathlon, wrestling match, bocci ball tournament on Saturday and I am choosing to play instead of running in the invitational.

I have a big homework project and need to miss practice. (Plan ahead! Use and organize your time wisely. Everyone on the team has big homework assignments)

I am taking an AP class. Join the crowd. 

 I have friends and/or relatives in town and we have to show them around. (Show them around after practice, or invite them to come run with us!)

 My parents are making me go to my Grandmothers house for dinner. (Go after practice and make sure to invite Grandma to your next meet!)

I’m really tired, sore and don’t feel good. (There will be days when we all feel this way. Smile, focus on your goals and be proud you compete in the toughest sport around…remember our sport is other sports punishment)

If you are injured you must still report to practice unless excused for medical reasons from Coach Vice. Please show up in your practice gear unless told otherwise by Coach Vice or JV coach. 

I’m going to the American Idol concert tonight. (Go after practice, if it were Bruce Springsteen or Jimmy Buffett you would be excused)

Participating in any outside running events

It is strictly prohibited to run in any outside charitable or “family” running event such as a 5K,10K, 1/2 marathon, biathlon etc. Doing so will jeoparize your paticpation on the team. 

Soccer !!!

I like soccer. It is a great game. I realize that soccer may be important to you. I want cross country to be important to you also. I know you can get in shape at soccer practice, but it is not cross country and trying to participate in both is very difficult on a young body. You have chosen to compete in cross country. If you are a freshman we may allow you to miss a weekend invite (not the Mt. Carmel Invite as it is a team scored event) for a game, but not every weekend. We would expect that you give cross country the same consideration and miss a soccer game if you have to. 

Soccer practice.  If you choose to leave cross country practice for soccer and you're not finished with the workout, iuncluding stretching, it will count as an unexcused absence. Our JV practices conclude at 5:05 pm. This will also count at the end of the year when your soccer practices change their schedules because of daylight savings time. 

Excused absences would include: (Provided you clear this with Coach through xcstats BEFORE practice!) If possible you workout will be rescheduled in the morning, or if you can come late to practice. 

Family emergency (If this is a true emergency it may be difficult to let us know before practice, no worries, but parents please just be HONEST and enter through xcstats as soon as you can.)

Family holidays or visits: Please clear any other family visits or trips with Coach before you go. 

Religious observances

Have to meet with a teacher for extra help or make up an exam. 


1)Please attempt to do this before school or at lunch or during your reteach period!

2) Notify coaches through xcstats. Before hand if you know ahead of time or after practice if you come late. 

3) Either way you must have a teacher signature to excuse absence. You provide them with a note they will sign. 

Come to practice as soon as you can after or arrange to get extra help at lunch, you must provide a note from the teacher proving you were with them and that you did request to do this before or after school, no note= unexcused absence)

Injury/ill. Trainer and or doctor will be involved in determining proper course of treatment.

College Visitations, You may NOT miss a Weekend Invitational for a college visit. Schedule these on bye weeks or weekends after a dual meet  (Bring me back a pennant for my wall of fame in my class)

Doctors/Dentist appt. (Not crazy about these if they were previously scheduled if you knew you were running cross country 6 months ago) Just bring a note from the doctor to be excused. 

DMV Appointment, show us your license or permit! Don't hit anything! 


“I can not tell a lie”-George Washington

Although we are not George Washington it is important that you tell us the truth. Particuliarly regarding injuries or absences. 

First offense: Suspension for two days from practice. 

Multiple offenses: Dropped from team

TEN Practice Minimum

Each student-athlete will be expected to participate in a minimum of ten team practices before representing LCCHS in any XC meet. 

Dual Meet Team Selection


The top seven runners will comprise the Varsity scoring team. Seniors who are not ranked in the top seven will run in the Varsity Cluster races. The top seven can change from race to race. Ultimately it is Coach Vice’s decision who the top 7 will be. 

Junior Varsity

Open to all other team members with the exception of seniors who can only run in varsity races or JV races that allow seniors (some invites). To maintain your status on the JV squad you must compete in all assigned races, display a positive attitude, work your hardest. You will address all of your absence and injury issues directly to the JV coach. 

“Let’s get physical, physical. I want to get physical”

Why can’t I just workout with the team to get in shape for my winter sport? You can by being part of this competitive team but you will also be expected to participate in all meets that you are assigned to.

This is the cross country TEAM not the cross country club.

 Invitational Team Selection

The seven-person teams that will represent LCC at invitational/championship meets will be determined by a formula that is based upon the number of opponents and teammates that each student-athlete places ahead of at all league meets as well as posted times for each athlete and other factors such as attendance and attitude. As always coaches discretion will be the ultimate determining factor. For CIF this is not determined by your League meet placing. 


No Room for Error

Team members will be immediately removed from the XC team if any of the following violations occur: 


  1. Failure to maintain those academic standards established by LCCHS: 2.0 GPA, there is a very good chance that I would not sign an academic waiver for you if you have less than a 2.0. If you have consistently shown a poor effort in the classroom you may be temporarily suspended until your grades and or beahvior improve.


  1.  Violation of LCCHS drug, tobacco, alcohol policy, this includes use of vapor or E cigarettes. This includes engagiing in this type of behavior on your own time and off campus. There is no room for this on our team. 


  1. Failure to meet the team’s attendance policy.


  1. A continually-demonstrated inability to adhere to the team’s philosophy and team’s goals regardless of attempted and documented interventions.

A,B,C,D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K...........

If you have an D or F in any class at any time during the season you will be ineligible to compete until Coach Vice has spoken to your teacher and is convinced you are making progress to remedy the situation. This may include not running in the next meet.

Class Clown

All student/athletes are students first and are expected to display the utmost respect and courtesy to all staff members and peers at all times and especially in a classroom setting. Please understand that if a staff member contacts the coaching staff regarding inappropriate behavior you may be unable to run in the next meet. This includes using any profanity at any time. 

Thou Shalt Not Taunt

We expect our athletes to always compete with honor. Win or lose we expect our runners to hold their heads high and congratulate the victors. We will be proud that we have the opportunity to compete when so many others did not. Any student-athlete who is disqualified from a competition for unsportsmanlike conduct (bad language, intentional physical contact with another competitor, taunting, etc.) will be suspended from the next two team competitions.



Each Student-athlete is expected to report any and all injuries or illness immediately to Coach Vice, JV runners to JV coach.  Allergies, asthmatic conditions, etc. must also be made known to the coaching staff. All athletes must check with the trainer before telling the coach they will not practice. All injured athletes are required to check in with the coaching staff for an update on injury and rehab before missing a practice. 


 Blue, Gold and Green Forever

Competition shorts and singlets and warm-up jackets and pants will be issued to every member of the Competitive and Championship Programs with the understanding that this equipment will be maintained and returned in proper condition. Any and all tears, stains or excessive wear and tear must be reported immediately to Coach Vice. An accountability will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment.

You must wear assigned uniform to every meet. Please dress before the meet and wear assigned sweats not sweats from another team or sport.

Every runner will wear their complete sweat outfit to all award ceremony presentations.

Only white or navy blue socks will be allowed to be worn during a race, unless we are wearing magic socks that have been given to you by the coach. Other than that all socks must be navy blue or white. 


Your AARP subscription has arrived! Or can Seniors participate?

Absolutely!!! You will have to run in the Varsity race.

Earning a Varsity Letter (All seniors and parents please read CAREFULLY)

Competing in one or more Varsity races does automatically constitute the earning of a varsity letter.

Varsity letters will be awarded to each team member who achieves any one of the following four criteria: 

1)   Four points earned in Varsity competitions.  

1pt awarded to top 7 scoring places 

2)   Qualify as one of top 7 runners for League Meet, or top 7 for CIF meet.    Achieving All-League honor. (top 22 at league meet)


Running in League Finals does not automatically earn a Varsity Letter. 

3)  All Seniors are eligible to earn a varsity letter. They must adhere to all    team attendance rules, work hard and compete in all assigned races and assist at League and CIF meet if they are not running in those competitions.  


4)  Coaches Discretion

  Additionally, to receive their letter, certificate, or award, a runner must:

  1. Finish the season in good standing
  2. Finish the season scholastically eligible
  3. Show up to the awards ceremony to receive their award.
  4. Turn in all equipment checked out to them.
  5. Pay for any lost equipment.

Can We Watch ?

Parents, relatives, and friends are encouraged to take an active role in helping to plan and implement a variety of XC activities including, but not limited to, pre-race dinners, post-race picnics, Saturday breakfast runs and the annual team banquet. All meets and practices are open for public observation. Please feel free to participate in practice if you are so inclined!


 What Should I Bring?

All student-athletes are expected to provide for themselves the following equipment: 


  1. Weather appropriate running apparel
  2. Practice and competition footwear
  3. Water bottle
  4. Running watch with timer! Mandatory! You may be asked  to leave practice if you continually do not wear a watch. Please let us known if you need assistance in getting a watch.  
  5. Notebook/log (All athletes are required to log their workouts on XCSTATS).

What do I wear?

  1. Appropriate running shorts and shirt. Girls: no revealing tops  
  2. Boys: Must wear a shirt.
  3. Appropriate running shoes. We will once again have a team night at Road Runner sports. We earn $ for each athlete that attends. We also suggest Movin Shoes on 101 (Lumberyard) as a great source for running shoes and clothing.

Senior Duties

 Log runs in xcstats daily



  1. To provide leadership, direction, and inspiration to all team members.
  2. To demonstrate a diligent work ethic.
  3. To serve, when necessary, as a liasion between individual team members or between team members and the coaching staff.
  4. To model behaviors consistent with team philosophy and team goals.
  5. To plan, organize, and execute various team functions.
  6. To organize and lead stretching, warm-up drills, and cool-down activities.
  7. To share with other team members their knowledge of the rules, spirit, principles, and strategies of cross-country competition.
  8. To always maintain a positive attitude.
  9. To recognize and respect the individuality of each team member regardless of ability or level with the express purpose of making each team member genuinely feel of equal importance with each and every other team member.
  10. To model and champion excellence in all phases of the total high school experience.

No Race for You

Any student-athlete suspended from school will be ineligible to return to practice and competition until he or she returns to school. Any administrator assigned detention or teacher-assigned detention must be served before reporting to practice/meet. It is the absolute responsibility of the student athlete to inform a coach should this occur.

Race strategy

Please note that each race we may use a different strategy. We may train through some of our earlier or less competitive meets. This may mean we may ask the runners to run as a pack or we may even allow certain individuals to place in a certain order. We may also train through a race and have the runners do an additional workout after the race. 


 Run That By Me Again

There will be occasional optional practices to allow for more individualized and specialized training as well as providing an opportunity to improve attendance record. 


 What Are We Doing Today Coach?

A copy of each upcoming week’s workout will be provided to each student-athlete on the first day of each practice week.


 Where’s Morely Field ?

 Maps are located on the schedule page.

What’s New?

Assorted information regarding bus departures, upcoming meets, current and past performances, school and course records, etc. will be posted on the window in Room 350 and on the announcements page.


Water, Water Everywhere

Every student-athlete must stop the workout when the need for a rest or a water break becomes necessary. Although each workout contains several scheduled breaks, there will be occasions when additional ones might be needed. It is always the student-athlete’s option when they will be taken.

Rest and Nutrition

It has been clinically proven that in order for a student-athlete to perform to the best of their ability that they need adequate sleep. For informational purposes we have included the links to two articles. Our atheltes are constantly struggling with the rigors of homework, practice and the teenage life style. As coaches our responsibility is for the safety of your child. If we notice that they are struggliing with a particular workout they will be stopped and sent home. It could be for various reasons. Skipping meals, not getting enough rest, illness, injury etc. We will never force a runner to finish a workout for the sake of being tough. Each family has to grapple with raising your children as you see fit. Ultimately you must decide what is best for your child and set parameters as to when they should go to bed. There will be times when we address a healthy life style in regards to rest and nutrition. If you do not want your child present when we have these talks please just let us know and we will excuse them before these topics are addressed. 



Fun Anyone?

Team functions and cross-training such as Jamba Juice Mondays,  bowling, pasta nights, sand-volleyball, beach runs etc. will be scheduled, ideas always welcome!

Gimme a Boost

Involvement and support of XC parents and friends are always welcome. Your help does make a difference. At each meet the parents will set up the "Fiesta Tent". This is a great way to get to meet the other families. Parents are encouraged to sign up to help bring refreshments. 


The SDUHSD provides a bus to all home and away meets and at least two practices at San Dieguito Park through a one time transportation fee. Riding the bus is required by the district. If you cannot afford the bus fee please see the Athletic Director and it will be waived for you. 

The coaches take NO responsibility in the behavior and/or any incident, driving or otherwise, of any runner who has signed a declination waiver of bus transportation. Once the runner leaves school or leaves the meet on their own or with a parent they cease to be under the supervision of the coaches.

If your child will not be riding the bus we will need a written note from the parent or guardian of that athlete 24 hours in advance of the meet. Unfortunately we do not have the permission to release your child to a teammate or friend. This is to insure the safety of your child!! After the meet it is imperative that we attend to the post race needs of our athletes and program. As coaches we do not have time to assess who is riding home with whom. Please try and plan ahead and let us know that you will be bringing your child home after a meet. Directly after the meet is a very inopportune time for us to remember who is going with whom. THIS IS DISTRICT POLICY.

For weekend meets no transportation will be provided. If necessary we will arrange carpools for the runners. Coaches will NOT be allowed to drive student/athletes. The only exception would be for Invitationals and you will sign a separate waiver at that time.

We love you, no matter how fast you run!

Parent responsibilities:

The best way to "coach" your son or daughter is to repeat the following before they run,  “We love you, have fun!” and “We are so proud of you!” after their run. During the race those aren't  bad sayings either! 

Please leave all other  coaching and strategy to the coaches. We appreciate your enthusiasm and  knowledge of the sport but many times our strategy, training methods and coaching styles may differ from a parents no matter how experienced and knowledgeable they are in the sport. It is especially not conducive to having your children run their best when their parents are giving them advice just before or even during a race. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way with my own children! Please do not offer specific advice during a race such as pace time, passing runners at any given time in the race etc.  

We understand that you love your children. The best way to empower your son/daughter is to let them experience the trials and tribulations of competing in a demanding sport. Cross country is a very objective sport and time dictates team selection injury nonwithstanding by the end of the year. If at any time during the season you have concerns about your son/daughter’s progress Coach Vice is willing to meet with you and your child. No meetings will be held without the runner themselves being present or conducted under the premise of “please don’t tell my son/daugther that we met”. 

To that extent we will always have one tent set up for our runners that is off limits to the parents. It will be designated with the LCC Mavericks sign. Please, please appreciate our request and let your children focus on their own on meet day. Please join with our other parents in our “Fiesta tent” and celebrate with your children after the race!

We would hope that you will join us in celebrating this honorable sport. Please cheer on your child as well as the athletes of LCC and other schools. By nature this is a very friendly sport and supportive sport.

Please understand that on race day that the coaches are busy coaching all of the athletes and it is not the best time to discuss specific concerns other than  an emergency.  We appreciate you and don't want to seem unfriendly in any way. Don't feel offended if we aren't able to chat.

24 Hour rule: It is best to wait for 24 hours to contact a Coach with a concern unless it is a medical emergency and please remember that athletes will always be included in any meetings. 

Please help represent this great sport, our school and yourself by being a respectful and appropriate spectator. 

College Recruitment

We often receive many forms of correspondence and are in contact with many college coaches who are interested in recruiting our athletes. If you do not want this information shared with your child or if you do not want us to assist in your child being recruited please just let us know and we won’t communicate with any college coach on your child’s behalf. 

Coach’s Statement:

It is my hope that La Costa Canyon Cross Country will become an important component of the overall high school experience. I believe it will provide every student the opportunity to experience inter-scholastic athletics with success evaluated on a self-determining basis consistent with each student-athletes individual goals. Competition by its nature carries significant inherent pressures, it is my belief that the training and competition that our athletes will experience will better prepare them to handle the successes and failures of life. 

I have complete faith and trust in our assistant coaches. All of our coaches have been certified by the State CIF and have been certified in CPR and first aid.

Please read over ALL of these rules with your student/athlete. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to email me. If you feel you or your child can not abide by any of the above rules you may want to reconsider having them participate on our team. 


Bill Vice

Head Coach LCC XC




© Amy Vice 2020